The Residency + Dita von Teese
I am a burlesque performer, designer of lingerie and glamour-evangelist... I believe in the power of glamour to transform and inspire.
- Dita Von Teese
The Residency joined forces with burlesque artist Dita Von Teese to create a photo and a cinemagraph series, captured by photographer, Vijat Mohindra. In the series, Dita act as our visual tour guide to the colorful and beguiling suites at the Madonna Inn.

Victoria Grant hats, adorned with jewels by Stephen Webster, can be seen modeled by Dita throughout the series. Taking inspiration from nature, fashion, art and music, Victoria Grant and Stephen Webster share a passion for creating beautifully crafted, fiercely creative and timeless pieces, with a distinctly British heritage.
Rose McGowan
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The Residency + Rose McGowan
I am a version of all five characters in the video. All are pieces that make up my whole — as an artist, a public figure and most importantly, as a person. I am pushing back at the idea of who I am suppose to be, to embrace who I want to be.
- Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan's official music video, RM486, directed by Jonas Akerlund and styled by B. Akerlund, contains exclusively pieces from the Residency. Featured Residency designers include Lynn Bann, Izzy Parker, Mishka Piaf, Piers Atkinson, Elliot Joseph Rentz, La Tache Bobo, Lorand Lajos, Holly & Hannah, and Gasoline Glamour.